Plugged CEO, Jeffrey Bissoy: “We are building a community where ALL Black folx feel safe in being their most unapologetic self”

As an organization that aims to uplift Black communities, Plugged condemns all acts of sexual misconduct and predatory actions. 

We are building a community where ALL folx, BUT especially Black folx, feel safe in being their most unapologetic self. 

In July, we were shocked and disappointed to learn of Plugged co-founder David Peterson’s sexual harassment allegations, from a time prior to the creation of Plugged. 

The nature of such allegations clash with our mission of upholding a safe space for all Black folx. At the start of August, David was released from his role and is no longer a part of Plugged. 

In late August, our Plugged team met and commenced discussions on how to uphold a safe and welcoming space moving forward. 

We are currently taking steps to ensure that sexual harassment, discrimination of any kind, and predatory actions don’t happen within our Plugged community. 

In the coming weeks, we will publish a list of Plugged values that we expect everyone in our organization to uphold. 

These allegations hit us in the infant stage of our business and mistakes were made. We hope to learn and grow from this experience to better serve our community. 

This is just the beginning of our journey, but I want to thank everyone that has pushed me and Plugged to fulfill our mission of creating a safe place for our Black communities—a space where we can create, collaborate and connect, while sharing our beautiful, dynamic and diverse blackness. 

Much love, 

Jeffrey Bissoy

CEO & Founder of Plugged