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In an ever-growing digital landscape, Plugged is building a brand and tech ecosystem that promotes Black creatives, innovators and businesses, while also making space for them to engage with each other and consumers.


Plugged is committed to uplifting the curse of generational inequality in our Black communities. In developing a ‘put on’ culture, where afro-descendents come to learn and share their diverse Black cultures, opportunities and resources, we are working to connect our historically divided Black identities and building the future of our ancestors' dreams.

Our story

As a Black person, how do you stay up-to-date with the latest happenings and events in your community? How do you learn about new opportunities and resources that can help you grow professionally and personally? How do you network with other hardworking Black people?

As a Black business owner or Black creative (musician, visual artist, podcaster, entrepreneur, etc), how do you get visibility for the work that you’re doing?

These were some of the questions that Jeffrey Bissoy and David Peterson–founders of The Plugged App (Plugged)–asked themselves in the summer of 2019.

As two young Black men working professionally in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, Jeffrey and David often felt that getting plugged in to the latest information and happenings in Minnesota’s Black communities was challenging. In one of their meetings they met, alongside Abdul-Hafeez Nakumbe, who’s taken a break from the project, to discuss what they could do to remove these barriers.

They quickly came to the conclusion that our vibrant Black communities needed a platform that would help them plug into their communities. They envisioned a platform where Black folks from all backgrounds could connect, stay informed, share creations and build together.

And so, The Plugged App was born.

Our objectives at Plugged are to meet the needs of our Black community in the development of a web and mobile app platform. While we are a Minneapolis/St. Paul headquartered organization, the goal for this platform is to be accessible across the U.S. and with time worldwide. We want Plugged to be your go-to destination to experience your Blackness, unapologetically.

Currently, our team is working diligently to revamp our web platform to better reflect the needs of our communities. We aim to launch the web platform during Black History month, February 2020. From there, our attention will shift towards creating a mobile app that matches the functions of the web. Plugged’s mobile app will launch Juneteenth 2021.

To accomplish these lofty goals, we need our communities’ support. We are actively looking for investors, help with funding, mentors to guide us on this journey, and individuals that can help us spread awareness of Plugged. To get involved, please email us at [email protected] and subscribe to our site for updates.

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