8 ways to START supporting Black people in the workplace

Photo by NESA by Makers on Unsplash

I want to be honest. It is frustrating to see that many organizations and companies are NOW starting to want to prioritize their Black employees’ experiences. The reality is Black people were speaking up about their experiences, calling out micro-aggressions, quitting because of mistreatment, being fired because we didn’t assimilate in a white-centered work environment, or losing ourselves to assimilation in order to simply make a living.

This was all happening long before this new awakening to racism.

It is likely that our feedback wasn’t valued, taken seriously, prioritized or was silenced. With that said, as long as we are looking to make a change and make a difference, now is better than never to get started.

Here are concrete tasks and actions to take to support Black people. Again, this is a start, but it is not comprehensive or exhaustive. There’s so much harm that has been done to Black people in the workplace. So please know that there is no checklist you can check off that will make up for the negative experiences people have had in the past.

Tiffany J. Poole