We prayed for Paris, but who is praying for Black people?

Photo by Jack Sharp on Unsplash

What is happening in our world and country is beyond disturbing. The number of unarmed black people killed from police brutality ‘intentionally’ and ‘unintentionally’ exceeds the Paris attacks. But who is going to “pray for Black people” like we “prayed for Paris.” 

What companies or universities are going to issue a letter of remorse and show empathy, like they typically do under signs of attack and pandemics; but on the behalf of racism?

Sadly, most likely no one.

Who will check on the Black directors, Vice Presidents or managers that are probably one or two percent of their company?

Sadly, most likely no one.

This topic and conversation is avoided at all costs, but actually, on the other side is healing, love and understanding.

We went through hell and back, because we “kneeled” as a protest to injustice. Our ancestors helped build the flag from sunup to sun down, so that we could have the right to whistleblow and make sure its value is represented for all “man-kind.”

When I was 18-years-old, I sat in the back of a police car with my friend because they said we stole our vehicle. They left the car and took us away. So, I deeply resonate with what is occurring.

I wish that we all do our due diligence to educate ourselves and act on the issues we feel so comfortable ignoring.

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